Monday, May 11, 2009

For Melanie

I have no real excuses for why I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER, but I will now start trying to do this more regularly. Hello Melanie! I hope I'm still in your bookmark bar.

Speaking of Melanie (an awesome friend of mine), she had a girl's night on Saturday where we made our own sushi, drank miso soup, had sweets (note: that word is plural) and I drank a load of YUMMY tea.

When I searched "tea" in Etsy, this was the first item that came up and it's actually a really sweet deal.

You get a cuticle balm and a green tea lip butter in a cute little pouch. There is also a note on the listing that lets you know you can pick a different lip butter instead of the one pictures in the listing.

Check out the rest of the shop, too. They have tons of soaps, lip butters, masks, cleansers, etc.

Green Tea Purse Pack

Where To Get It:

$13 USD

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