Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cheese and Aprons

So my dear friend Melanie started up her own blog about recipes and yummy food that she has made. If you're hungry, I'm warning you... the pictures are delicious.

cheese ... and things that taste good with cheese

Please visit, bookmark, and enjoy!

By the way, Melanie also has the most awesome apron EVER, and if you're looking to score a nice apron as well, I found a bunch in momomadeit Etsy shop.

Here's one I quite like:

Flirty Everyday Housewife Apron
$30 USD

Where To Get It:
Momomadeit's Shop

There's over 50 aprons in that shop, and even ones for kids, so start your shopping... and cooking :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Which Clutch Would You Clutch?

The current Etsy voter poll is all about clutches. There's definitely a variety on there, and I will admit, some of them are just plain... well, not so lovely (but I won't mention which ones they are). But if you're a girl who likes clutches, then go check out the poll going on right now and vote for your favourite!! If you like one of them, you'll notice the sellers usually make others as well in case you're looking for different colours.

Vote for your favourite clutch purse here.

Here is the clutch that I voted for:

Yellow Silk and Black Velvet Purse

Where to Get it:
DesignduJour Shop

$70.00 USD

Friday, August 14, 2009

Custom Cross Stitch

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have no excuses for that haha.

Here's a custom Etsy item I ordered recently. I saw ThePurpleHippo's shop and I knew that they would be able to make what I wanted... So, here is what I ended up with, which I have proudly hung in my room.

In total, it cost me $30, which included the shipping and the frame, and this sweet piece is 8x10. Definitely worth it... and may I add that this thing shipped in no time!! This item is not listed in her shop, but it is exactly what I asked for.

Here are some other gems that you can buy from ThePurpleHippo.

Cost: $12.00 USD

Cost: $17.00 USD

Cost: $9.00 USD

Cost: $25 USD

There's much more in her shop, so go take a look!!!! Click Here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sock Monkey Cake Topper

This is so awesome. Anyone getting married in the near future needs one of these for their wedding cake. AH, my brother gets married next summer!! DONE!

i love the pearls and the bow tie.

Sock Monkey Wedding Cake Topper

Where To Get It:
Spirit Mama Shop

$63 USD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pretty Petals Bobby Pin

Etsy always has a poll going on with a theme and matching items. The current theme right now is "flowers." You can find anything in the Voter section right now that has a floral design from headbands and hats, to journals and paintings. I'll be honest and say that I voted for this really pretty floral bobby pin.

Voting for this poll ends 10am est on March 25th, so check out all the other items and cast your vote!!

Vote here

Lotus Flower Satin Bobby Pin
Where To Get It:
MGMart Shop

$11.00 USD

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vintage Inspired Birdhouse

This bird house is TOO cute!! You could probably even display it inside somewhere on a shelve or wherever you tend to display things... or outside where the birds are is always a good idea, too.

I think my favourite part would have to be the glass knob piece. It is quite affordable at 15 bucks, so it will probably sell fast, especially since it was picked by some of the Etsy editors, but click on the shop and you'll find others!!

Vintage Wren Birdhouse

Where To Get It:
DoorCountyWoodworks Shop

$15.00 USD

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Can Read

There's this blog that I like to look at, which as it says on the site is all about images with words. I like how simple some of them can be and the use of different fonts and stuff.

Check it out!

I Can Read

I saw these buttons on Etsy and they kind of reminded me of that site. Check out her whole shop, because she also makes fortune cookies with neat messages or one of your own.

Where To Get Them:
AllisonBook Shop

All one inch buttons are $2.00 USD

Monday, May 11, 2009

For Melanie

I have no real excuses for why I haven't updated this thing in FOREVER, but I will now start trying to do this more regularly. Hello Melanie! I hope I'm still in your bookmark bar.

Speaking of Melanie (an awesome friend of mine), she had a girl's night on Saturday where we made our own sushi, drank miso soup, had sweets (note: that word is plural) and I drank a load of YUMMY tea.

When I searched "tea" in Etsy, this was the first item that came up and it's actually a really sweet deal.

You get a cuticle balm and a green tea lip butter in a cute little pouch. There is also a note on the listing that lets you know you can pick a different lip butter instead of the one pictures in the listing.

Check out the rest of the shop, too. They have tons of soaps, lip butters, masks, cleansers, etc.

Green Tea Purse Pack

Where To Get It:

$13 USD

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's Wallet

is empty... and full of Macaulay Culkin pictures... no?

This is a pretty neat wallet. I think I've posted a few wallets on here, but this one is definitely a bit different... and it's been recyled!!

There were a few to choose from in the PocketEtc shop, but come on, Michael Jackson?? I thought so.

Thriller Cassette Wallet

Where To Get It:
PocketEtc Shop

$15 USD

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

South Bend

Possible true facts about South Bend, Indiana I found on Wikipedia:

  • the first settlements were established as fur trading posts.
  • 38.7 square miles of land.
  • in the late 19th Century, South Bend was influenced by a large influx of Polish Catholic immigrants.
  • the Studebaker National Museum has a large collection of wagons and automobiles.
Now if those facts don't make you want to visit South Bend, then maybe this little store will...

Not sure if this is for real, but apparently there is a store in South Bend. Maybe if someone from South Bend is reading this, they can confirm it for me?? hahaha.

I don't know who would really buy this stuff, but it's pretty funny/neat either way.

Check out more:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pet Head

I know I haven't posted in a while, and I have no excuses for that really ahahaha but I'll start up one now and hopefully keep it going again.

I used to use Bed Head products for my hair ALL the time. They smell amazing. I couldn't help myself when I saw a display for Pet Head... yes, Bed Head made a line of products for pets. Since Zelda/beagles can't have baths very often, I instantly was drawn to the Dry Clean spray bottle - waterless spray pet shampoo. The scent of it is amazing, and yes I did buy it. No more smelling like feet and cheese popcorn for Zelda!!

Check out the rest of their products.

Pet Head

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Love Birds

I love all the jewelry that this seller makes. Trystbykerry on Etsy is a seller from Toronto that uses vintage pieces and turns them into really pretty necklaces and earrings. This piece right here has to be one of my favs from her shop, but it was extremely difficult to choose. I'd probably post something different if I were making this entry tomorrow. So definately take a look at her whole store!

True Love Necklace

Where To Get It:
trystbykerry shop

$26 USD

Monday, March 16, 2009

iPod Soap

I know I've posted soap on here before, but this soap is much different. It is shaped like an iPod!! It would be kind of neat to have in one's bathroom or give to someone as a gift. Seems to come in many different colors and scents (and you can even convo the seller to choose your own soap/scent combo). They also make soaps shaped as blackberry phones, dinosaurs, popsicles, pyramids, bunnies, teddy bears, kittens, dogs, and even a high heel shoe.

iPod Soap

Where To Get It:
Twoeggplants Shop

$4.99 USD each.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Scallywogs and Weewogs

Now these are the kind of plushies that parents should be giving to their children.  They all have special personalities and skills, like being good at arm pit farting, baking cookies, sticking blueberries up their nose, etc etc.

Here are a few of my favourites.

Cost: $39.95


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dawg Hatz

I found these posted on Cute Overload, and I instantly fell in love with the model in these photos. If you want a knitted hat for your dog, then these hats are for you! But seriously, this dog is too cute and I can't help but laugh when I see these photos. How much for the dog???

Cost: $22 USD

Blue Blossom Dog Hat

Cost: $25 USD
(you can even find the matching human version of this hat on the BeanTownHandmade site)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

I was flipping through a friend's copy of Ready Made one evening and saw this wonderful craft for a pet bed made out of a suitcase. I've always wanted to make one, but I knew I would need a really cute vintage looking suitcase, and not some ordinary and boring one that I took to Montreal with me. The search for this suitcase is still on. If you're interested in making one, here are the instructions right from Ready Made.

Jet Set Dog Bed

Now, if you don't feel like going on a quest for that magic suitcase, but still want one of these neat pet beds, you can find some on Etsy! The one I really liked has sold already, but here's one from the same seller that is equally as cute and the addition of the cute kitten in the picture just seals the deal.

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

Where To Get It:
vintagerenaissance store

$65 USD

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fit For A Roman Feast

These raised neoclassic bowls for your pet's food or water are a bit different than your average stainless steal bowls. I think they'd look excellent outside in a garden setting, or just for a change indoors.

I couldn't give these to Zelda because she'd just eat one of the angels off... bad karma!

I love Humane Domain online store. They have neat things for your pets and for your home.. expect more blog entries on these items.

Raised Neoclassic Bowls

Where To Get It:
PetFulfillment Store

$34 USD

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Todd Young Art

When I found out about Etsy many months ago, the first purchase I made was from Todd Young Art. His Etsy shop carries tons of prints with dogs placed in beautiful and every day settings. At first glance, you may not notice the dog right away, but this is what I like about the prints.

You can check out his website at

The prints in his Etsy shop are relatively cheap and the paper they are printed on is a really nice quality. Definately a great buy for an animal lover.

He's having a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE sale right now, too!

Below is the one that I bought.. and some others I felt like sharing.