Monday, August 24, 2009

Which Clutch Would You Clutch?

The current Etsy voter poll is all about clutches. There's definitely a variety on there, and I will admit, some of them are just plain... well, not so lovely (but I won't mention which ones they are). But if you're a girl who likes clutches, then go check out the poll going on right now and vote for your favourite!! If you like one of them, you'll notice the sellers usually make others as well in case you're looking for different colours.

Vote for your favourite clutch purse here.

Here is the clutch that I voted for:

Yellow Silk and Black Velvet Purse

Where to Get it:
DesignduJour Shop

$70.00 USD

Friday, August 14, 2009

Custom Cross Stitch

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have no excuses for that haha.

Here's a custom Etsy item I ordered recently. I saw ThePurpleHippo's shop and I knew that they would be able to make what I wanted... So, here is what I ended up with, which I have proudly hung in my room.

In total, it cost me $30, which included the shipping and the frame, and this sweet piece is 8x10. Definitely worth it... and may I add that this thing shipped in no time!! This item is not listed in her shop, but it is exactly what I asked for.

Here are some other gems that you can buy from ThePurpleHippo.

Cost: $12.00 USD

Cost: $17.00 USD

Cost: $9.00 USD

Cost: $25 USD

There's much more in her shop, so go take a look!!!! Click Here.