Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wall Decal On A Budget... Or Not

I always thought these vinyl wall decals were a great idea to add to some wall space and create something that paint or a framed photo could not. As I've found, you can pretty much get any design you want and in any colour works best for you. Whether you want to spice up your wall, laptop or yes, even your toilet, these decals are a fun idea to make your room unique. Upon my search for wall decals, I kept seeing really pretty ones in a cherry blossom design. I also found that these wall decals can get sort of pricey, but the look you end up with in the end seems worth it.

This entry today is sort of a double. I found TWO cherry blossom vinyl wall decals that I liked and both are at different price points. I really could not decide between the two to post, and even if you don't like either of these, there are TONS more on Etsy.

Number One
Where To Get It:
Elephannie Shop

$12.00 USD

I like this one because it's smaller and won't overpower the room you put it in. I like that she offers metallic colours, making the decal even more special. For under $20, this purchase is an easy one to make.

Number Two
Where To Get It:
Singlestonestudio Shop

$65 USD

With this particular decal, you're paying more than the first one I posted, but you're obviously getting a larger decal. It all depends on preference and obviously, how much you're willing to pay. This decal is absolutely gorgeous. You can choose the colour of branches and even the colour of the birds. The second photo is a photo that one of Singlestonestudio's customer sent in to show the decal they purchased. You would also be very limited to where you put this one since it IS larger, so you'd need a lot of wall space, unlike the first one. But if you do have the space for this decal, GET IT.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Money Clips for Chicks

Don't guys usually carry around money clips?? Well, us gals can do it too!! But we always need the prettier version of guy things... which is what I have found in this situation.

I rack up some fees using my debit card a lot. I am going to milk this student account for as long as I can, but I still have some fees to pay when I make a debit transaction. My worst crime is when I do take out money, I am never near my bank's atm machine, which means I have to pay the dreaded $1.50. Now, if I took out money once a week, I'd either lose $6 if I go to another bank, or keep the money that I rightfully deserved by finding a TD. To take it a step further, if I took out more money at once, I wouldn't always be so tempted to use my debit card in the first place.... saving me even more money/avoiding lame bank fees.

My wallet is full of receipts anyways, so I think a stylish money clip would come in handy for the few reasons I've mentioned.

Money Clip Art Nouveau Lady and Lotus

Where To Get It:

Nouveaumotley Shop

$24 USD

Guys might like this one too. I see a little something... you know.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coupon Clipping is Chic

We all know that the economy sucks in North America, yadda yadda yadda... After jumping on the greenwashing bandwagon, advertisers are now on the "spend less and buy this product" bandwagon. These are only some of the topics I hear about in my North American Consumer Culture course at school. A lot of the things we learn are pretty obvious once you think about it, but it's so obvious that sometimes you don't even realize it... if that makes any sense at all.

Once I'm on my own, I can see myself as one of those coupon chicks. Is it not cool to use a stack of coupons at the grocery store?? The amount of money I save with coupons can afford me to buy my boyfriend a combo at taco bell... or... buy myself an over the top sugary Booster Juice drink... or eventually a down payment on a house. Whatever it is people want to save money for, they seem to forget that 50 cents here and there can add up to A LOT!!

I found this REALLY cute coupon organizer off of Etsy. I know you can easily make one on your own... just buy some sort of portfolio thingy and write on the tabs the items you shop for the most, and voila!! But this particular coupon organizer is a stylish one and all the work is done for you. But yeah, in this situation you need to spend money to start saving money, but I know me... I have coupons ripped out of flyers and only God knows where I've put them. I could have used many of these coupons in the end.... thats why this little purchase could come in handy for someone who doesn't think coupons are stupid and isn't embarassed to use them.
Here are the divider headings:
*Canned Good, Frozen Foods and Soups
*Cereals and Breakfast Foods
*Cleaning Products
*Dairy Products and Meat
*Drug Items
*Flour, Meal,and Baking Products
*New Products
*Paper Goods, Wraps, and Baby Products
*Pasta, Rices, and Helpers
*Sauces, Seasonings, Condiments, and Dressings
*Snacks, Pet Foods and Miscellaneous

I think the last section would have the most coupons for me.

Where To Get It:
AustinArtisan Shop

$10 USD

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The First Post is the Cutest

I decided to start this blog up because I wanted to share with everyone all the neat crafts I find online. You wouldn't believe the things that people have made and easy it is for you to buy.

My absolute favourite website to search (for hours on end) for cute crafty items has to be Etsy, where I even have my own shop set up to sell unique and custom made pet accessories: Deezyne.

I thought a fun thing to do with this blog is post an item every day that has caught my attention and I'll show everyone how they can get their hands on it. Due to my love for Etsy, this blog will probably be full of tons of Etsy items.

The first item I will be posting came to my attention when I searched "cutest" in the Etsy search bar. This item appeared on the first page.

The Cutest Little Crayon Roll - DotasticI think this item definately fits its "cutest" description. Now, you could always just carry your crayons in the box they came in, but that thing always gets beaten up and destroyed, so why not just use this cute little carrying case. I could see myself pulling this out of my purse in the middle of class to enhance the doodles I usually make on the page.

Where To Get It:

$15.00 USD