Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pampered Puppies

I was browsing the Pampered Puppy website which hosts a monthly photo contest for your dogs. Zelda placed top 10 once and appeared on the honourable mentions list another time. I was just checking out the competition when I realized what one of the prizes were for the month of June.... a $50 gift card to The Sharper Dog. What does $50 get you from this website? Perhaps a slight break off the price of one of their designer/therapeutic beds!

Fauna Sauna's The Regent - $1,095 USD

This bed features non-contact warmth from the sides of the bed - never from below.

Smucci Manger Cradle Designer Bed - $675 USD

These are hand built and create a "perfect" nest for pets seeking close comfort. It reminds me of when we take my friend Melanie's dog, Lincoln, and wrap him in a blanket or a pillow case and call him Sweet Baby Jesus. I think he'd enjoy this manger style bed.

La Rochelle Collection Bed - $1,584

I just really like this one because of the colours. Oh, and it's made with crush velvet and imported fabrics. Why not, though.

Signature I Noir Collection Dog Beds by Chien Vivant Couture - $1,747 USD

This one is the most expensive dog bed on the website. I don't have anything else to really say about it, but can you imagine a slightly overweight beagle relaxing on this thing?


  1. haha! hilarious. lincoln would definitely love any of those beds...

  2. I'm sure Lincoln would. I'm also sure these beds would be a lot more comfortable than getting stuck underneath the couch...