Thursday, March 25, 2010

Camera Bags

Soon enough I will be buying a new lens for my camera, which makes me realize that I need a new camera bag! I'd need something with a few extra pockets so I can carry around the camera with lens attached, an extra lens, a flash, and the charger. I knew Etsy would have something that I'd like, and after comparing a few different shops, I found what would work best for me!! Now its the hard part of picking which fabric design I like best. Here are a few neat ones:

DSLR Padded Camera and Lens Carrier Bag..LARGE

$89.99 USD

Where To Get It:

GypsyRoseHandbags Snugglens

$90 is not much when you consider how much a dslr camera and lenses cost.

Also in that shop you can find smaller camera bags for your normal sized P&S cameras, as well as wallets, checkbook covers, cosmetics cases, etc.


  1. i agree...cherry blossom one or the bird one! but i think the colours of the cherry blossom one are more 'you'. xo