Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wall Decal On A Budget... Or Not

I always thought these vinyl wall decals were a great idea to add to some wall space and create something that paint or a framed photo could not. As I've found, you can pretty much get any design you want and in any colour works best for you. Whether you want to spice up your wall, laptop or yes, even your toilet, these decals are a fun idea to make your room unique. Upon my search for wall decals, I kept seeing really pretty ones in a cherry blossom design. I also found that these wall decals can get sort of pricey, but the look you end up with in the end seems worth it.

This entry today is sort of a double. I found TWO cherry blossom vinyl wall decals that I liked and both are at different price points. I really could not decide between the two to post, and even if you don't like either of these, there are TONS more on Etsy.

Number One
Where To Get It:
Elephannie Shop

$12.00 USD

I like this one because it's smaller and won't overpower the room you put it in. I like that she offers metallic colours, making the decal even more special. For under $20, this purchase is an easy one to make.

Number Two
Where To Get It:
Singlestonestudio Shop

$65 USD

With this particular decal, you're paying more than the first one I posted, but you're obviously getting a larger decal. It all depends on preference and obviously, how much you're willing to pay. This decal is absolutely gorgeous. You can choose the colour of branches and even the colour of the birds. The second photo is a photo that one of Singlestonestudio's customer sent in to show the decal they purchased. You would also be very limited to where you put this one since it IS larger, so you'd need a lot of wall space, unlike the first one. But if you do have the space for this decal, GET IT.

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