Friday, January 30, 2009

Money Clips for Chicks

Don't guys usually carry around money clips?? Well, us gals can do it too!! But we always need the prettier version of guy things... which is what I have found in this situation.

I rack up some fees using my debit card a lot. I am going to milk this student account for as long as I can, but I still have some fees to pay when I make a debit transaction. My worst crime is when I do take out money, I am never near my bank's atm machine, which means I have to pay the dreaded $1.50. Now, if I took out money once a week, I'd either lose $6 if I go to another bank, or keep the money that I rightfully deserved by finding a TD. To take it a step further, if I took out more money at once, I wouldn't always be so tempted to use my debit card in the first place.... saving me even more money/avoiding lame bank fees.

My wallet is full of receipts anyways, so I think a stylish money clip would come in handy for the few reasons I've mentioned.

Money Clip Art Nouveau Lady and Lotus

Where To Get It:

Nouveaumotley Shop

$24 USD

Guys might like this one too. I see a little something... you know.

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