Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The First Post is the Cutest

I decided to start this blog up because I wanted to share with everyone all the neat crafts I find online. You wouldn't believe the things that people have made and easy it is for you to buy.

My absolute favourite website to search (for hours on end) for cute crafty items has to be Etsy, where I even have my own shop set up to sell unique and custom made pet accessories: Deezyne.

I thought a fun thing to do with this blog is post an item every day that has caught my attention and I'll show everyone how they can get their hands on it. Due to my love for Etsy, this blog will probably be full of tons of Etsy items.

The first item I will be posting came to my attention when I searched "cutest" in the Etsy search bar. This item appeared on the first page.

The Cutest Little Crayon Roll - DotasticI think this item definately fits its "cutest" description. Now, you could always just carry your crayons in the box they came in, but that thing always gets beaten up and destroyed, so why not just use this cute little carrying case. I could see myself pulling this out of my purse in the middle of class to enhance the doodles I usually make on the page.

Where To Get It:

$15.00 USD

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