Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Index Chopping Board

After posing for some lovely graduation photos, eating a slice of cheese pizza, and finding out that Roberto Alomar has AIDS, I am now killing time at my school's "meeting place" which is essentially where you go when you want to eat food and hang out with people. But I'm alone.

Well, sorry that I did not make an entry yesterday. I'm sure all 5 of you were quite worried. But I am back today and I have a neat item to share with you all.

Sick and tired of cross-contaminating your food while prepping for a tasty meal? This item from the Museum of Modern Art online store will help solve that problem. It's geeky and practical all in one!

With these cutting boards, you have a seperate board for red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, and green/vegetables.

Index Chopping Boards

Where To Get It:
MoMA Store

$85 USD


  1. cute! i can't wait to go to the moma when we go to nyc!

  2. There's an orange on the vegetable cutting board. CONTAMINATION!