Monday, February 2, 2009


For this next entry, I typed in "Valentines" in the search box in Etsy. This item came up on the first page.

Everything about it is lovely... and in case you haven't realized it yet, it's SOAP!!! I've never seen soap this cute in a long time. The ingredients in it is also a plus (goat milk, shea butter, etc) and make it appear to be very moisturizing, which is a great thing for winter. I also like the cute packaging and the price!! I know, you could probably get 10 bars of soap at the drug store for the same price, but I don't mind paying a decent price for something completely unique and handmade. This listing on Etsy is for the soap featured in the first picture, but I also included the other picture to show you the other Valentines themed soap products that this seller creates.

Brown and White Chocolate Soap
Where To Get It:
1846housesoaps Shop

$5 USD

This is off topic, but if anyone reading this has a new puppy, knows someone with a new puppy, or has a dog who isn't fully potty trained, I am going to be making what I like to call a doggy door bell to help in the potting training of dogs. They will be up in my Etsy Store in a few days, but I'll post them on here as well when they are done.

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