Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Umbra Mirrors

Where I work, we sell Umbra brand frames, which I've always loved. I have a few of them in my room, too. They were never your traditional wood frames and were appealing if you were looking for something different. You can check out their frames here.

I knew that Umbra makes other produtcs other than frames and albums, but never realized how neat all of them were. They definitely sell a wide range of things, from soap dishes, to clocks, to chairs, to waste baskets, to... mirrors!! Some of them are king of "cooky" and large, but large mirrors can work wonders in a small space to fool the eye and make the room seem larger. These are my top three favs.

Click on the picture titles for a link to where to get them.

$63 CAD

$79 CAD

$126 CAD


  1. try www.urbane.ca for umbra products in canada

    they ship to canada only for less money than the umbra site

    for instance the mingle mirror you've shown is $113 at urbane


  2. thanks for the tip/heads up!! :)

  3. I really liked these. You may also look Ballard Designs to see more decorative mirrors. I've just bought a new one and it looks really great.