Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oil Lamp Awards

If there was such a thing as the oil lamp awards, then these things would definitely win. I would throw a fit if they didn't win. Check these out NOW because there isn't too many left. Also, check out the whole website... you can find some really interesting stuff on there. A lot of it IS overpriced, but the items are so unique and it could be worth spending the extra cash for something different in your home. I'll probably feature a lot more items from this site on my blog in the near future.

So yes, the oil lamps. Take a look first and see!!

Lumen Oil Lamps By: Adam Frank

When these bad boys are lit, a shadow is projected onto the wall and moves about as the flame flickers. It's like artwork that you can turn on and off... and that moves. I'm pleased with the "nest" design because it has the birds/cherry blossoms that I like so much. Out of the tree ones, I really like the pine lamp.

Where To Get It:
Unica Home Store

$48 USD + %15 off!

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