Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Slippy Slippers

So it's snowing outside and everyone is driving like complete IDIOTS. If you're turning left at a major intersection, don't fully stop your vehicle in the middle of the intersection, or else the person that was turning behind you will honk their horn at you. I always seem to get stuck behind people like this.

Anyways, since it is cold outside today and will be cold tomorrow and the day after that, I decided to post some slippers!

These slippers are mocassin style and come in a cute mint green colour and look extremely warm and comfy... PERFECT for a cold winter day and look like they would stay on nicely during sleep time.

The only thing you'd have to be careful about with these slippers is that they could be pretty slippy. I wish all socks and slippers came with those no slip spots on the bottom that kids' socks come with. Just be careful.

Free shipping in the U.S. and cheap shipping elsewhere is always a plus.

Adult Mocassin Slippers

Where To Get It:
debs1967's shop

$14.99 USD

I also sold two Swarovski Pet Collar Charms within the past few hours (which is why I was out in the poopy weather - post officing). I'll have to make some new ones really soon along with the doggy door bells.

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